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Facial Glow Box



The Perfect Gift… or Treat Yourself!

JIVA’s Facial Glow Box is packed full of facial goodness! Start with either the activated face mask or scrub, follow up with toner and moisturizer. Everything you need for a vibrant beauty facial routine, super affordable and all in one pretty little box! ($100 value)

Facial Glow Moisturizing Serum: JIVA’s Facial Glow Serum is packed with botanical oils that soak into the skin easily, leaving no greasy residue. Rich in oleic acids as well as vitamins C,A, D and E that deeply condition skin, and leave skin hydrated and glowing. Essential oils of mint and frankincense and oil of sea buckthorn to clarify and smooth age spots and wrinkles. This is the perfect all use oil for all skin types and any vibrant beauty routine. Skin Ritual:  A little goes a long way! Use a few drops to moisturize face or body following cleansing and toning. This is a multi use oil you can use as a hair mask or use a small amount as a bath oil. Oils of: *Jojoba, *Evening Primrose, *Hemp seed oil, *Rosehip, *Rose Absolute, *Vitamin E, mint extract, frankincense extract (*organic) 2 oz Clear Glass Boston Round Bottles (Silver Treatment Pump)

Activated Brightening Face Mask: Specifically designed to brighten, soften and draw out skin toxins by blending skin-rejuvenating organic flower extracts (high in alpha-hydroxy acids) with mineral-rich rhassoul clay for detoxification, and calming organic lavender. And because JIVA’s Activated Face Mask is a dry product, it means you get to customize each use. Perfect for all skin types. Skin Ritual: Blend about 2 tablespoons dry mask powder with water or organic apple cider vinegar (normal to oily skin), a light oil (dry skin), honey (for acne prone skin), or organic plain yogurt (for dull skin), let mixture stand for 5 minutes, and addmore liquid if needed. Applyto face and leave for 15-30 minutes. Rinse and follow with JIVA Toner and Moisturizer. For extra skin softening and brightening benefits add 1 teaspoon of JIVA’s Wild, Local Bee Pollen.  Ingredients: Organic Colloidal Oat flour, Bentonite clay, activated charcoal, Rhassoul Clay, organic green tea extract, organic chamomile powder,organic hibiscus powder, organic Lavender powder. 4 oz Clear Glass Salve Jars (White PP Cap)

Cleansing & Brightening Facial Scrub: JIVA’s brightening facial scrub with calamine, mineral rich moroccan rhassoul clay and raw organic sugar gently removes impurities and buffs away dead skin to even out skin tone and texture. Honey is rich in vitamin B, draws moisture to the skin and it’s antioxidant and antibacterial properties help relieve acne and other irritations. Super packed with rose and hibiscus petals to soothe and heal and sweet orange essential oil to assist in fading scars and dark spots. Perfect for all skin types. Skin Ritual: Scoop out a small amount with clean, dry hands or a spoon and mix with a little water, apply to wet skin in a gentle circular motion, rinse with warm water, follow up with JIVA toner and moisturizer. Ingredients: *Sugar, *calamine powder, kaolin clay, *rose water, *aloe vera, *rhassoul clay, vitamin c granules, *raw organic honey, sweet orange essential oil, rose absolute, *hibiscus and *rose powder (*organic) 4 oz Clear Glass Salve Jar

Rose Mist Pore Perfecting Facial Toner: Soothing and refreshing pore-perfecting Facial Toner is fortified with organic green tea extract and aloe vera, and infused with chamomile, ginseng and rose. JIVA’s all organic Rose Mist Facial Toner improves skin tone, rejuvenates, hydrates and repairs mature, acne-prone and oily skin. Perfect for all skin types. Prepares and tones the skin after washing- Red clover and peppermint gently exfoliate dead skin cells, preventing future flare-ups and fading dark spots and wrinkles. Skin Ritual: Apply AM and PM after cleansing, spray toner directly onto face and neck or use a cotton pad, to gently dab the whole face and neck. Emergency use for blackheads and acne flare-ups: drench a cotton pad and leave on problem area(s) for 5 minutes. Perfect for unclogging pores and calming skin. Ingredients: *Red clover, *chamomile, *rose hips, *green tea, *rose, *peppermint, *lavender, *rose absolute, distilled water, *witch hazel, *aloe (*organic) Packaging: 4 oz Clear Glass Boston Round Bottles (Silver Atomizer Cap)


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