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3 Retreats

JIVA Day Retreats

Usually 6-8 hours of relaxation, workshops, healthy tasty food, and yoga. Come and connect over antioxidant mimosa’s and a vibrant living meal!  (starts at $389)

Dates & Reservations

JIVA Vibrant Beauty Retreats

2 day and 4 day Retreats focused on sisterhood, vibrant health, beauty rituals, and relaxation (starts at $1600)

2 Day- Dates & Reservations
4 Day- Dates & Reservations

JIVA Couples Retreats

2 day partner strengthening and relaxation retreat. Filled with wine tasting, cooking, couples massage, couples yoga, nature and more! (Starts at $3600 per couple)

Dates & Reservations

EXAMPLE of What to expect…

Upon arriving:

Informative and inspirational Talk given by Kris Bertsch, JIVA Founder and Master Practitioner

Intention setting and dinner

Receive homework for next day and Welcome tote


Morning meditation and Yoga

Beauty Rituals


Individual Bio-Wellness Health Assessment



Electro Magnetic Therapy

Evening river walk


Evening Homework follow-up and re-assignments


Morning Meditation and Yoga


Living for Beauty: Nature Appreciation and Mindfulness Meditation

Eating for Beauty: Demonstration Dinner for Vibrant Living

Fermentation Workshop

Evening Talk/sharing/homework follow-up and re assignments

Evening Meditation


Morning Meditation Yoga

Intermittent- Nutritional Fasting


Goodbye Talk- Healthy Habits for Vibrant Living

Vibrant Beauty Rituals 101

Farewell Tote

Other on-site activities:

Nature hikes, river float, exercise/Yoga

Holistic living (following a routine for healthy/holistic living)

Mindfulness – inspirational/educational classes, books/films, group and individual inquiry/discussions, transforming negative thought patterns etc