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JIVA Couples Wellness Retreat


Master Suite

Master Suite- The Florentina room is located on the second floor, tucked away in one of the front corners of the villa. This room will take your breath away with its wood Craftsman-style windows that overlook the Olive Grove and the beautiful Golden Hills of Coloma. First Come, first served.

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Join experts from JIVA Wellness for a profound 2 day all-inclusive Vibrant Health Experience…

Experience the most romantic and peaceful get-away around. Join us in the beautiful hills of Coloma for healthy vibrant living meals, couples yoga, massage and so much more. JIVA’s Couples Retreats are a perfect break from the hustle and bustle of daily life- Imagine a gorgeous, private sanctuary designed to transform from the inside out. For the ultimate in pampering, this retreat is designed for only 3 couples at a time. The most special getaway to prioritize your well-being, from which everyone in your life benefits.

Get ready to rejuvenate cells, brighten skin, tone the body and reset the mind. Get ready to pause, take a moment and create the next chapter of your life together. You work hard and deserve to put yourself, and your partnership first so that you may be your most brilliant version. During JIVA Couples Wellness Retreats we will explore, endure, expand and exhale. Expect to be incredibly pampered, pushed beyond your comfort zone, nourished and fed, highly educated and profoundly inspired! You and your partner will leave feeling light and vibrant but more importantly, with a deep sense of self love and greater sense of love for each other. Education is power, and the knowledge you gain here will take your health to the next level for years to come. Your path to Vibrant Health begins here. Treat the roots, and the branches will blossom!

This is not your average retreat! It’s over the top in every way. Breathtaking exclusive location, luxurious accommodations, delicious organic vibrant living meals, beauty elixirs, complete bio wellness workups, rejuvenating treatments, yoga, meditation, river/waterfall hikes, champagne/wine tasting and re-connection with yourself and your partner in the deepest way.

Discover how to achieve vibrant health and reverse cellular aging thru hands-on experiences, high level education and our signature Vibrant Health Blueprint program. Our integrative wellness providers will help you create your blueprint based on your own unique cellular makeup.  This completely customized experience is the first of its kind and will leave you feeling beautiful, empowered, connected and clear on how to create vibrant health in your everyday life and relationship.

Throughout your stay, you’ll learn the latest on health, wellness and all things anti-aging, eating for health, secrets to cellular age reversal, perfect hormones, metabolic makeover, mind rejuvenation, therapeutic writing and so much more!


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Per Couple- Dates

February 10-11th


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